A Foot to Stand On

5 Tips For Wearing And Buying New Shoes So You Can Avoid Foot Pain

by Grace Ortiz

You probably wear shoes of some sort about every day. It's easy to take shoes for granted, but when you wear the wrong type of shoes on a regular basis, your feet can suffer. The wrong shoes can cause blisters, calluses, heel pain, and even toe deformities. Here are five tips for buying and wearing shoes that won't cause foot pain.

Buy New Shoes Regularly

Shoes wear out eventually, and when they no longer support your feet properly, they should be thrown out. This is especially true for running shoes that usually wear out quicker than your work shoes. When the soles show signs of wearing down, especially when the wear is uneven, it's time to buy a new pair.

Wear Fashion Shoes Sparingly

You don't necessarily have to give up wearing fashionable shoes, but you may need to limit how often you wear them. Flip-flops and flat sandals look nice for a day at the beach, but they aren't appropriate for a day of walking at a theme park or to wear every day. These sandals don't offer any support for your feet, and if you wear them too much, you might have to see a podiatrist for help with heel pain.

High heels are fashionable shoes that you may enjoy buying and wearing often, but if you're on your feet all day, it's best to wear shoes with wider toes and lower heels. Your toes are forced in a tight area when you wear high heels, and this can cause toe pain and joint abnormalities that could even lead to the need for surgery.

Match The Shoe To The Activity

If you need shoes for running, then look for running shoes. If you need a work boot, look for sturdy shoes with steel toes. Shoes are made for specific purposes to provide the type of protection and support your feet need while you're running, walking, or working in a dangerous environment.

Shop Until You Find a Perfect-Fitting Shoe

When you shop for shoes, wear the type of socks you'll wear with the shoes and make sure they fit properly before you leave the store. Shoes don't necessarily loosen up or get broken in, so if you buy shoes that fit well in the store, they should fit well until they start to wear down due to age.

Get Help From A Podiatrist If Needed

If it seems like shoes are never comfortable on you, and you have frequent foot pain, see a podiatrist for help. You might have feet of different sizes or a foot that rolls to the inside when you walk. In addition to teaching you how to choose the right shoes for your foot condition, a podiatrist can provide or recommend inserts that help a variety of foot ailments and that can make you feel comfortable in your shoes. For more information, reach out to a podiatrist in your area.