A Foot to Stand On

Cosmetic Toe Surgery Can Enhance Appearance And Relieve Symptoms

by Grace Ortiz

If you have certain podiatric conditions, then you may have been avoiding wearing open-toed shoes. Not only can certain disorders of the bones and joints of the feet lead to pain, an abnormal gait, and balance problems, but they can also lead to self-esteem problems. Fortunately, your podiatrist can offer you a number of different surgical options to help relieve your symptoms and enhance the appearance of your feet. Here are some types of cosmetic toe surgery that will help ease the pain of toe joint disorders while improving the shape of your feet and toes.

Toe Shortening

While toe shortening procedures are typically not performed solely for cosmetic purposes, they are common in those suffering from pain or stiffness in the toe joints. After a toe shortening procedure, not only will you enjoy better toe mobility and decreased joint pain, but your uneven toes will be more uniform in size.

A toe shortening procedure, also known as a metatarsal osteotomy, is typically performed to shorten long toes, and it can also help minimize painful pressure underneath your arch. After your toe shortening surgery, you may be able to wear a smaller-sized shoe, and you may also feel more confident when wearing sandals and walking barefoot. 

Bunion Surgery

Bunions are painful, and they refer to the improper alignment of the joint in your big toe. They may get larger if not surgically treated, and may lead to excruciating pain when walking. Many people who have bunions are unable to find shoes that fit properly, and because of this, resort to only wearing sandals or flip-flop shoes.

Small bunions can be treated with a minimal joint shaving procedure, however, larger bunions typically respond better to surgically repositioning the misaligned toe joint. After your bunion surgery, you may need to wear a special shoe; however, in some cases, you may require a cast. It can take up to a couple of months before you have complete weight-bearing abilities on the affected foot, and most people are able to walk normally after a few months. Not only will your pain and inflammation resolve after your bunion surgery, but the appearance of your foot will also improve. 

If you are self-conscious about the appearance of your feet because of misaligned joints or long toes, make an appointment with your podiatrist. After a complete examination, they will recommend an effective treatment plan to relieve your symptoms and enhance the appearance of your feet.

For more information about cosmetic toe surgery, contact a local podiatrist.